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  1. dre och smashar troligen inte sönder viltet lika hårt som en 338 (hänger mer på kulval)
  2. 338 Win Mag eller 9,3x62. Moderators: Ulrik, Stefan.K, mecke. 19 posts • Page 1 of 1. viltmålsskytt Posts: 522 Joined: 08 Oct 2006, 11:51. 338 Win Mag eller 9,3x62. Post by viltmålsskytt » 08 Sep 2007, 20:07. På samma sätt kan man jämföra 338 med 9,3x62, 338 är snärtigar
  3. BTW, I have rifles in .338 Win Mag, .35 Whelen, 9.3x62 and .375 H&H. I like all of them. Though, of the four, I have only hunted with the 9.3x62 and the .375 H&H. (Plains game in South Africa. I've never hunted any type of dangerous game in either North America or Africa.
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  5. The .338 Win Mag has slightly more muzzle energy. The 9.3x62 splits the difference between the .35 Whelen and the .338 Win Mag. in terms of recoil, rifle weight, muzzle blast, and muzzle energy. The 9.3x62 has a wider variety of heavier weight bullets than either the .35 Whelen or the .338 Win Mag. My choice would be the 9.3x62 over the .338.
  6. Or one could split the difference and use a .35 Whelen for both situations. (I know, a .338 Win. Mag. can do all that and perhaps more, but we are exploring alternatives here.) The bottom line is that the .338-06, .35 Whelen, and 9.3x62 are truly under-appreciated, regarding their power and utility

I've no experience "stopping" charging grizzlies, but I have had to stop a couple of blacks in hair-raising circumstances. I've been bluff-charged by grizzlies - but was able to wait them out -without shooting. My Dad, on the other hand, had extensive grizzly experience. 9.3x62 I have a p17 enfield scout in 9.3x62. It is a great alaskan cartridge. Every bit the equal or better than the 338 win mag and right on the heals of the 375 H&H. 250gr bullet at a touch over 2600fps and 286gr bullets at 2400fps. I only shoot the 286gr Nosler partition at just over 2400fps. I shot a moose two years ago at 280 yards Re: 338 Win Mag vs 9.3x62 advice needed. Originally Posted by Messor So, my little piece of cheap crap Howa, you know the one people wouldn't buy because it doesn't sooth their manly ego's, it doesn't have any recoil, simply because it's designed to shoot good not to look good

I have both a 9.3x62 & 338WM. I do prefer the 9.3 for ease of use on the shoulder vs the .338. The recoil is more of a push than a sharp crack on the shoulder. Both are equally effective at making things that need to be dead...dead as long as you do your part The 9.3x62 has killed so many elephant, Cape buffalo, rhino, As an example to illustrate the concept: penetration through big game shoulders of a 225 gr .338 Win Mag is measurably less than a 220gr from a 30-06 when both bullets experienced 1.5x calibre expansion.. .375 H&H Mag. vs 9.3x62 — Cartridge Clash The .375 H&H Mag. has more ammo and rifle options available, while the 9.3x62 does virtually everything the .375 H&H will with less recoil and gunpowder. In 1905 Otto Bock introduced the 9.3x62 Mauser to provide Germans living in colonial Africa with an affordable alternative to expensive double rifles RE: 9,3x62 or 338 Win Mag Since this is for Brown bear and you hand load I would pick the 9.3X62. I would rather have the larger bullet diameter of .366 inches vs the smaller bullet diameter of .338 inches when going after brown bears The 9.3x62—like many British and European designs—has the long, heavy bullet thing figured out, offering an appropriate twist rate to properly stabilize these bullets. I've spent a decent amount of time with both cartridges, with both factory ammunition as well as developing handloads for each

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  1. 9.3x62 vs 300 Win mag recoil/ muzzle blast. My 15 I haven't shot a 9.3 x 62 but have a 338 win mag shooting 230/ 250 gr bullets and that recoils much more than my 300 win mag. Fit a good recoil pad like a limbsaver and that will help big time
  2. Guns and Shooting Online has compiled an extensive table comparing the recoil of many rifle cartridges and bullet weights in rifles of various weight
  3. Hos Karlssons Jakt i Enköping kan du köpa ammunition för jakt. Välkommen att kontakta oss om ammunition, vapen och jakttillbehör
  4. https://youtu.be/_E_-ueIxYcM Testing my 338Lm at 1000 yards in preparation for future comparison videos with my 300wm. This comparison video series won't be.
  5. Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 201: Max 57.9 Min 55.0: 797 769: 2615 2523: Norma 202: Max 59.9 Min 57.0: 815 776: 2674 2546: Norma URP: Max 63.
  6. Blaser R8 chambered in 9.3x62 with 250grs Barnes TTSX bullet. It was filmed on a driven wild boar hunt when this fox showed up

RE: 9,3x62 or 338 Win Mag Since this is for Brown bear and you hand load I would pick the 9.3X62. I would rather have the larger bullet diameter of .366 inches vs the smaller bullet diameter of .338 inches when going after brown bears A 9.3 is similar to a .30-06. You can even use .30-06 cases to form 9.3x62 I believe. When I hunted plains game in Namibia, most shots were between 60 and 200 yards and all I used were a 7x57 Improved and a Model 29 S&W in .44 mag. I killed 12 animals with the 7x57 and one (a steinbok) with the .44. 9.3x62 ammo is relatively common over there So I want to spend as much time on the range as possible so that I can make clean first shot kills, and I believe that the 308 Win is best suited to my needs 338 Win Mag vs 9.3x62 advice needed. - Page For the same reason the 9,3x62 became an instant success. 338 Win. Mag. 35 Whelen 358 Norma Mag. 375 Blaser Mag. 375 FL. MAG. N.E. 375 H&H Mag. 4,5 mm 404 Jeffery 416 Rem. Mag. 416 Rigby 416 Taylor 450 Rigby 458 Lott.

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Home › Forums › Aseharrasteet › 300 Win.Mag vs. 338 Win.Mag vs. 9,3×62 This topic has 51 replies, 42 voices, and was last updated 25.07.2011 at 25.7.2011 15:35 by Korma. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 52 total) 1 2 4 → Author Posts 20.01.2005 at 20.1.2005 09:05 #49364 Ilmoita asiaton viesti Just have a question or 2 regarding these 2 rifles 1. How does the damage compare at long range? Im assuming the 9.3x62 has more stopping power where as the .300 is easier to aim with 2. The description says the 9.3x62 is less accurate, i assume that is only weapon sway when aiming 3. For doing scopleless longrange comps on say brown bear or reindeer, would they both make the animal bleed to. 9.3x62 vs. 9.3x66 Ballistics from Sako. Velocity m/s @ 0 m. Think 300 Win Mag viz 300 H&H Mag viz 30-06 Springfield. 300 & 338 Win Mag using with the long action as well, but this is obviously not necessary, just a way to get the necessary rifle weight for those calibers The 338 fed is considerably less powerful than the the 338 win mag, 338 fed I'm guessing will get 2200 fps with 250 gr bullets, the 338 win mag does 2700 fps. My personaly thought is the 338 fed is a poor choice for a cartridge because the majority of the bullets are designed for much higher impact velocities and hence won't open up much at the 338 fed speeds The .338 Winchester Magnum is a .338 in (8.6 mm) caliber, belted, rimless, bottlenecked cartridge introduced in 1958 by Winchester Repeating Arms. It is based on the blown-out, shortened .375 H&H Magnum. The .338 in (8.6 mm) is the caliber at which medium-bore cartridges are considered to begin. The.

Video: 9.3x62 vs. the .338 Win. - ACCURATE RELOADIN

Ugly question: 9.3x62 vs .338WM Page 3 AfricaHunting.co

They both mentioned to me that the 325 wsm & 338 win mag would be ideal to shoot a lion from 50-100 yards over bait. Both calibers with a shot placed right behind the shoulder would kill him just as fast as one of the huge bores. Pre WWII, Mausers in 9.3x62 and .404 Jeffery were affordable and the ammo was affordable Hos XXL kan du hitta det mesta av ammunition som jägare och skyttar frågar efter. Vi på XXL.se har inte förtillfället möjlighet att sälja ammunition men i alla våra butiker går det att köpa mot uppvisad original vapenlicens. Ammunition till luftgevär säljs som vanliga varor Perhaps I am hesitating with the 9.3x62. I will try again next weekend. Atleast the 300 Win Mag is working and on song. Admittedly, I would rather use the 9.3 and all the advice I have received substantiates this; 285 grains from a 9.3 is better than 150/180 grains from the Win Mag 300 Win Mag vs 338 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua: Ammunition Selection. The .300 Winchester Magnum is by far the most popular cartridge of the three and it's consistently among the best selling rifle cartridges in the United States each year. The .338 Winchester and .338 Lapua both really lag behind the .300 Win Mag in popularity, but neither is rare Hornady 338 Win Mag Superperformance 225gr SS... Finns i lager. 765 kr Köp. Hornady. Art.nr JFO546410 Hornady Laddverktyg 9,3x57. Finns i lager. 865 kr Köp. Hornady. Art.nr Hornady 9,3x62 Superperformance 250gr GMX, 20... Finns i lager. 1 135 kr Köp. Hornady. Art.nr JHORN30709 Hornady cal.30.

338 Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data; 338 Lapua Magnum Load Data; 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 358 Winchester Load Data; 350 Remington Magnum Load Data; 35 Whelen Load Data; 358 Norma Magnum Load Data; 358 Shooting Times Alaskan (STA) Load Data; 9.3×74 R Load Data; 9.3 X 62 Mauser Load Data; 9.3x64mm Brenneke Load Dat The 9.3 is the only cartridge under .375 that's legal in some countries for dangerous game hunting, it's really considered the equal of the .375 H&H by many hunters. Good trajectory and retained energy and quite suitable for 250-300 yard shooting on plains game. If I was picking one to go to Africa the CZ 9.3 would win hands down 9.3x62. 9.3x66 Sako. 7mm Rem Mag. 300 Win Mag. 338 Win Mag. 375 H&H Mag. 338 Lapua Mag. 416 Rigby. 450 Rigby. 500 Jeffery. 30-06 Sprg. Handedness . Right. Left. TIKKA T3x Meet our new T3x product family. No matter which model you choose, 1 MOA accuracy is guaranteed I can't imagine a single reason that would lead me to select the 9.3X62 over the .338 Win. Mag. The truth is, there are quite a few medium bore cartridges in this power class that'll overlap in terms of performance, and accomplish pertty much the same things,. 35 whelen vs 9.3x62 . My son is looking for a 'big boomer' and he says he wants something cooler than my 'plain Jane' 338 win mag, he has come down to two options listed above, does anyone have any advice or experience on these calibers? Thanks. fish_e_o: 01-19-2015 01:24 PM

Browning BAR in 338 Win Mag | FunnyDog

Norma 338 win mag Jaktmatch 14,6g (0) 9,3x62 Lapua 18,5 g Mega SP Kaliiperi: 9,3x62Luodin paino ja tyyppi: 18,5g, MegaLähtönopeus:. Winchester took their .458 Winchester Magnum case—itself a shortened and blown out .375 H&H case—and necked it to hold the .338″ diameter bullets the company used for its rimmed .33 Winchester. Bullet weights of 200-, 250- and 300-grains were initially offered for the .338 Win. Mag., making for a highly useful cartridge I had a 70 year old 30-06 rebored to 9.3x62 by JES. Great work and amazingly fast turn around. It shoots right at 1 at 100 yards if the rifle is bagged. I don't shoot it as much as I thought I would because of the recoil. It gives me a headache. If I were to do it again, I'd go 338-06. 210 grain Partitions or 180 grn coppers will do anything. When considering .300 Win Mag vs. .338 Win Mag vs. 9.3x62 also consider that the .300 Win Mag typically has a reputation as an excellent long range round due to it's flatter trajectory. Around 400 yards or so the larger calibers typically drop a bit faster, but reloaders can get around this by experimenting with different loads. Hope this helps

.300 Win Mag.338 Win Mag.7mm Rem Mag.30-06.9,3x62.270 Win.22-250.308 Win.222 Rem.243 Win.223 Rem Norma 300 Win Mag 9,7gr / 150gr Jaktmatch Varenr 104212. 50+ på 17,98. Kjøp. Norma 308 Win 9,7g / 150gr Jaktmatch Varenr 104220. 50+ på lager. 18,16. Kjøp. Norma 338 Win Mag 14,6g / 225gr Jaktmatch Varenr 104213. 50+ på lager. 35,45. Reloadability. Due to a proprietary heat treatment method, as well as zero impurities of the case material, our cartridges have the industry's highest reloadability and pressure resistance, maximizing the lifespan and safety of any rifle 9.3x62. 9.3x66 Sako. 7mm Rem 338 Win Mag. 375 H&H Mag. 338 Lapua Mag. 416 Rigby. 450 Rigby. 500 Jeffery. 30-06 Sprg. Handedness . Right. Left. S20. Sako worldwide. Sako is manufactured in Finland, but sold in all continents. Find the distributor near you. view distributors The 338-06 will have less recoil than the .338 in the same weight rifle. I use a .338 win mag in a ruger 77 and have no issues with it however I do not have a shoulder problems either. Deleted Deleted Member. Posts: 0 .338-06 vs .338 Win Mag Feb 9, 2011 11:43:18 GMT -5 . Quote. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member

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The .338-06 A-Square, .35 Whelen, and 9.3x62mm Mauser ..

The .264 Win. Mag. was a speed demon but not as fast as promised, which was one of several factors contributing to its slide in popularity. Announced in 1958, the .264 and .338 Winchester magnums hit the market in 1959 amid one of the biggest media blitzes the industry had seen Trophy Grade 338 Win Mag 250gr Partition® Ammo (20ct) $83.45. Out of stock. Grid List Sort By: caliber Name ; Bullet Type ; Cartridge ; Grain ; View: 32 16 ; 32 ; 48 ; Shop By . Currently Shopping By . Remove This Item Cartridge: 338 Win Mag ; Remove This Item Cartridge: 9.3x62 ; Clear All . Box Qty. 20 (10) Cartridge . 27 Nosler (+2) 458 Win.

The 9.3×62mm (also known as 9.3×62mm Mauser) is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge designed in 1905 by German gunmaker Otto Bock.It is suitable for hunting medium to large game animals in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.At a typical velocity of 720 m/s (2362 ft/s), its 286 gr (18.5 g) standard load balances recoil and power for effective use at up to about 250m (275 yds) As the 9.3x62 gained popularity, ammunition became available throughout the African continent. The 9.3x62 fired a wide but long for caliber 286 grain soft point projectile at a respectably high velocity of 2350fps. The 9.3x62 became an all round work horse for the common man, a meat hunting cartridge which could tackle both small and large animals Given their power, however, just the 9.3x62, .375 H&H, and perhaps the .416 Rem. Mag. would get the nod for a mule deer hunt. Although, the .458 Win. Mag. and Lott are viable close range deer and elk cartridges if loaded to lower pressures with lighter bullets. Which one is best then? It depends on your needs

The .338-06 is a ****ed fine cartridge too, but despite the detractors, you can still find plenty of components for handloading the 9.3x62, and the best bullets are offered by Nosler (286 grain partitions). Watched both a 9.3x62 and a 9.3x64 at work in Africa back in June, 2004, and the critters they killed did not know the difference My personal choice was to replace a 375 H&H, 358 Winchester, and 338 Win Mag with a 9.3x62. For what I expect to hunt in my lifetime the 9.3x62 can cover all the bases those other rifles covered, and keep my life simpler by having a single cartridge on hand rather than three different ones Well, that's the choice of the hand loader. It also reinforces the fact that the 35 Whelen is not a dangerous game cartridge in the same way 9.3x62 or 375.. Just off hand the rim diameter of the 64 is .492 vs .470 on the 62. Base diameter is .504 vs .473. Case length is 2.52 vs 2.42, making a COL of 3.43 vs 3.29 (for 9.3x64 vs 62). Pretty much what you are looking at is some minor adjustments on a standard long action for the 64. Personally my preference would be for the 9.3 x 62

9.3x62. 9.3x66 Sako. 7mm Rem Mag. 300 Win Mag. 338 Win Mag. 375 H&H Mag. 338 Lapua Mag. 416 Rigby. 450 Rigby. 500 Jeffery. 30-06 Sprg. Handedness . Right. Left. TIKKA T1x. T1x UPR. NEW. T1x MTR. TIKKA T3x Meet our new T3x product family. No matter which model you choose, 1 MOA accuracy is guaranteed Kulor för att ladda gevär i flertalet kalibrar och från flera olika tillverkare 338 Win Mag - the Ultimate Elk Round Many centerfire rifle cartridges are effective on elk. The 338 Winchester Magnum is arguably the best. Ever since the advent of the first metallic cartridge (the 22 BB Cap in 1845,) hunters have demanded rifles, cartridges and bullets capable of terminating everything from ground squirrels to elephants the 9.3x62 mm Mauser. The longer case gives it more powder capacity and adds velocity. This is a good bullet diameter put it right between the .338 Win. Mag. and the .375 H&H Mag IAW, It kicks less, to me, than a 8 1/2 .300Win Mag, 8 1/2 pound .338 (by far), and a 9 1/2 pound .375 H&H, or a 7 1/2 pound .300WSM. When I say comfortable, I mean a 8.3 pound rifle (mine has a 1X4 Leupold in Millett rings and a Latigo sling) throwing a 250gr bullet at 2595fps that is about like shooting a 7RemMag without the distracting blast and noise (that makes you think you are.

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In addition to the newly acquired 9.3x62, I have 3 other Sako Safari rifles, 1 in 300 Win Mag, and 2 in 338 Win Mag. In the past I've owned 2 in 375 H&H but they were traded away. You are correct, all had only 1 cross bolt as compared to 2 cross bolts on the 9.3x62.. Hello stonecreek, Thanks for the reply .338-06 Easy to created cases for Scarce factory ammo Huge selection of bullets for handloading Most efficient aerodynamics Flattest trajectory Rifles not common .35 Whelen Classic, has a cult-like following Biggest selection of factory ammo in USA Properly headstamped cases readily available Fair selection of bullets for handloading Underestimated ballistics Rifles relatively available 9.3x62. 31 Comments on 338 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua Mag I've found a lot of people finding my site when searching for differences between the 338 winchester magnum and the 338 Lapua Magnum and I wasn't too pleased with some of the other results, so I thought I'd lay out all the differences in one spot All the cartridges you listed are fine choices. I've commonly seen both the 338 Win Mag and the 375 H&H in the woods of Alaska. Both are quite common, but I would probably give the edge to the 338 Win Mag as being the cartridge I saw more often. The 45-70 Govt is an excellent round, but it does have a few drawbacks 225 grain Accubond

338 Win Mag vs 9.3x62 advice needed. - Page

  1. Overall length T3 1080 mm T3 Mag 1130 mm Barrel length T3 570 mm T3 Mag 620 mm Weight T3 2.8 kg T3 Mag 2.9 kg Small 222 Rem, 223 Rem Medium 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem, 308 Win, 338 Federal Short Magnum 270 WSM, 300 WSM Long 25-06 Rem, 6.5x55 SE, 270 Win, 30-06, 9.3x62 Magnum 7 mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 338 Win Mag
  2. I'm very happy with my 300 Win Mag but, since you already own a 270 WSM, I personally would look for a larger caliber like a 338 Win Mag or even a 9.3x62. My hunting buddy uses his 338 Win Mag on everything from hogs to elk. While I'm not an expert, I understand that either would work well on any large game you might encounter in NA
  3. You dont have to be in Namibia or South Africa to truly enjoy the beauty that is the Ruger M77 Hawkeye African, all you need is a plot of land and a box of bullets. The M77 Hawkeye African comes in; .223 rem, 300 win mag, 338 win mag, 9.3x62, 375 ruger
  4. The .338 Win. Mag, the softest here, slaps the shooter as hard as a .375 H&H Magnum, while the .338-378 and .338 Lapua are close to .416 Rigby territory. A hunter must really want to shoot an elk at 800 yards to consider anything above the .338 Win. Mag. These rounds do have one mission they are ideal for, though: Alaskan brown bears
  5. 300 Win Mag (1) 300 WSM (1) 300 H&H Mag (1) 300 SAUM (1) 300 Norma Mag (1) 300 RUM (1) 300 Blaser (1) 300 WBY (1) 30-378 WBY (1) 35 Whelen (1) 8x57 JRS (1) 8x57 JS (1) 338 Win Mag (1) 338 Lapua Mag (1) 338 Blaser Mag (1) 338 Norma Mag (1) 338-06 WBY (1) 338-378 WBY (1) 340 WBY (1) 358 Norma Mag (1) 9,3x57 (1) 9,3x62 (1) 9,3x74 R (1) 375 Flanged.
  6. Here's why: The .35 Whelen is the .30-06 necked up to accept a .358 diameter bullet. However, the .350 Rem mag usually has it beat by about 50-200fps on most factory loads. The short fat cartridge of the .350 Rem Mag was ahead of its time and more recoil than most people are comfortable with. However, it's operates in a pretty small niche

Ugly question: 9.3x62 vs .338WM AfricaHunting.co

9.3x62 ImpactDynamic

  1. 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Picking The Right Heavy Hitter 6.5 Grendel vs 6.5 Creedmoor: Which 6.5 Cartridge Is Right For You? 450 Bushmaster vs 458 SOCOM vs 50 Beowulf: Battle Of The Big Bore AR Cartridge
  2. Sako 85 rifles are unique combinations of tradition and innovation. They are built to meet the utmost demanding design criteria. Choose your own Sako 85 now
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  4. GECO ammunition for shooters and hunters: handgun ammunition, centerfire rifle cartridges, air gun pellets, rimfire cartridges and reloading components - reasonable quality ammunition with good accuracy for hunting and sport in many calibres and bullet types
  5. VAPENAUKTIONER. Köp och sälj på våra auktioner > JÄGAREXAMEN. Intensivkurser året om > 30 DAGARS ÖPPET KÖ

The .300 Win Mag vs .338 Lapua Magnum is an interesting comparison, and we think provides some interesting points of discussion. While there is some overlap in the applications of these rounds, there are also going to be certain shooting situations where one might be better suited than the other 9,3x62 - Velg Norma Kaliber - 222 Rem 223 Rem 22-250 6mm XC 243 Win 6,5x55 6,5-284 270 Win 7mm Rem Mag 308 Win 30-06 300 Win Mag 300 WSM 8x57 JS 338 Win Mag 35 Whelen 358 Norma Mag 9,3x57 9,3x62 - Kulevekt - 9,7g/150 g

.375 H&H Mag. vs 9.3x62 — Cartridge Clas

9,3X62 Norm

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